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Measuring & Installing - Storefront Window LED


Step 1: Decide whether you want to do individual windows or one complete square on all your windows.

Step 2 : Indoor or Outdoor? Decide whether your going to install these indoor or outdoor?

If Indoor: You will need to purchase our storefront led kits with **TRACKS** 

If OutdoorPlan out your installation with a layout so you can end up with the plug on one of the corners or the corner closest to the plugs inside. You will need a drill bit to drill a hole big enough to run your power cord inside. Be sure to ask your landlord before any drilling to be sure its acceptable. Start laying each module from the corner of where you plan to run your power cord, pull lightly to make sure you make nice straight lines, then run your power cord wire inside and plug.


Please contact us for a QUOTE or to discuss your project. (410-277-0888)

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Measuring & Installing - Storefront Window LED   Step 1: Decide whether you want t..