4CH BNC to UTP Balun Passive Transmitter UI8055

4CH BNC to UTP Balun Passive Transmitter UI8055
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 4 Channel BNC to UTP RJ45 Balun Camera DVR Video Transmitter Passive design 

-          The color of the item may be very bright due to photography and your own computer.
-          Compact size, strong Signal, Low power consumption and low heat
-          Super Network function, apply for second-level domain name directly in software, solving troubles while using the Dynamic IP address.
-          Passive design (no power required).
-          Multiple channels view simultaneously, low occupancy rate of CPU resource.
-          This BNC to UTP RJ45 Balun transmits video signal via UTP Lan cable.
-          Input: BNC-video
-          Output 1 of 4ch box - One RJ45, each for 4 channels (Pin 1-2 ch1, Pin 4-5 ch2, pin 3-6 ch3, pin 7-8 ch4)
-          Output 2 of 4ch box - Four screw output for 4 channels
-          Maximum color video working distance: 300m
-          Use cable: Cat5e unshielded UTP
-          Frequency response : 6-10MHZ
-          Working Voltage: AC:220V
-          Working temp: 0-70 degree
-          Dimension: approx. 95MM x 80MM x 28MM
-          Weight: 273g


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